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Our Philosophy – CEO’s Message


Takashi Ando

Nunobiki Manufacturing has specialized in precision perforated screens since our foundation in 1944. We have dedicated ourselves to developing and improving our proprietary technology, so we can proudly provide reliable, quality products that meet the manufacturing sector’s diversified needs for perforated screens with small or multiple holes, and wide and special screens.

The uses for precision perforated screens are constantly changing and expanding in various fields, and the functionality required is diversifying, so clients demand stricter quality standards and precision. The world around us is changing substantially and sometimes even drastically. We at Nunobiki Manufacturing embrace change. With the spirit of infinite creativity, we are devoted to promoting freethinking and providing reliable technology. As a manufacturer, we constantly work closely with our clients to ensure we accurately grasp their needs.

We are resolute in making contributions to social development, no matter how small. To this end, we will continue pouring all our efforts into improving our technology to provide even better precision perforated screens that are useful to society. We ask for your continuing support and cooperation in our endeavors.