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Privacy Policy

For Nunobiki Manufacturing, protecting our customers’ privacy is of the paramount importance. We ask customers to read the following policy for them to gain a better understanding regarding how we obtain, use and manage customer information via our website.

Our customers’ private information

We ask our customers to supply us with private information, such as name, address, telephone number, and email address, so we can provide them with information on our services.  In cases when we ask for other details (apart from the required information) to better provide you with information that will meet your demands, we request you be selective about what information you provide.

The purpose of private information

The purpose of the gathered information is stated on each webpage on this website that requires customer to fill in the appropriate private information.
We will not use the provided information for any other purposes than those stated on each page.


Providing information to third parties and secondary use

Nunobiki Manufacturing does not disclose customers’ private information to third parties without receiving prior permission from the customer. However, we will disclose the customers’ private information without such prior consent in cases when it is urgently requested to protect a person’s life or rights; when cooperating with requests as per the laws and ordinances from a judicial body, the police, and other public authorities; and when obeying laws and ordinances in other situations.

Managing private information

Nunobiki Manufacturing securely manages its data so as not to lose or damage private information obtained from our customers via this website. Customers’ private information is stored on computers only accessible by our web administrators, and Nunobiki Manufacturing maintains strict security measures to ensure the information is not leaked to third parties or modified externally. In the event that we contract an outside party to run this website or manage and maintain customers’ private information, we will rigorously supervise and manage the handling of private information by the said contractor.


Customers’ responsibility

Customers, themselves, are responsible for how they use our website. Nunobiki Manufacturing takes no responsibility for all losses, damages, and expenses arising from the use of each piece of information obtained using customers’ private information via our website or other websites whose links appear on this site.


Nunobiki Manufacturing appropriately reviews and revises the above policy. Notification of any such revisions will be made on this page.