HOMENunobiki Manufacturing’s RootsOur Foundation and the Origins of Perforated Screens

Our Foundation and the Origins of Perforated Screens

Nunobiki Manufacturing took its name from Kobe’s famous Nunobiki Falls, because its brother company, which has been located near the waterfall since before WWII, used ‘Nunobiki’ in its name.

The company was founded during World War II, so like all other domestic companies whose operations revolved around meeting military supplies, it began manufacturing airplane electrical components and waste oil filters.

It was a time of scarcity, and manufacturing was tough, especially after the war when work dried up. But using the technology and equipment it acquired while manufacturing filters, Nunobiki Manufacturing began producing perforated metal and earnestly searched for a market for its products. The width of the products was narrow and the holes were comparatively big, but the dies were all produced within the company and much effort was put into improving them.

These were the beginnings of today’s Nunobiki Manufacturing. With the food shortages of the post-WWII era, it became necessary to grind various food ingredients for a larger volume of food supplies. So companies began manufacturing grinders, and some of them approached Nunobiki Manufacturing about its perforated screens, a key component of grinders.