HOMENunobiki Manufacturing’s RootsThe Long-Awaited Opening of the New Factory!

The Long-Awaited Opening of the New Factory!

The Futami Factory’s exterior

In the late 1970s, the Hyogo Prefectural government was luring companies to build factories on the newly constructed man-made island at Futami, Akashi. Nunobiki Manufacturing decided to buy two lots (2,000 sq. meters total) and constructed the factory in two stages. Stage 1 was completed in 1982; and Stage 2, in 1984. An office block was completed in 1985.

Knowing the factory was being built on an artificial island, Nunobiki Manufacturing carried out its own geological land survey, so it could build a factory able to hold large, heavy machines 1.2m in width. The buildings were designed to be fully reinforced with a sturdy construction in the support pillars and the foundation for the machining area.

The Futami Factory’s interior

When Stage 1 was completed in 1982, new cutting-edge machines were installed and some equipment was moved from headquarters. Full production of perforated screens began in September the same year. On the completion of Stage 2 in 1984, three punching presses were transferred from the headquarters factory. A finish leveler and other peripheral equipment and large machines used to process the punched sheets were installed and the Futami Factory became the main factory for producing our flagship products.

The 5th National Factory Greening Promotion Competition certificate and shield

Incidentally, the Futami artificial island was specifically designated as a green belt and strictly regulated. The factory plans were required to include green areas with a number of shrubs and tall trees. The previous president wanted to go beyond that requirement and commissioned gardening specialists to design and maintain the gardens.

As a result, Nunobiki manufacturing was awarded a certificate and shield in the 5th National Factory Greening Promotion Competition by the Japan Greenery Research and Development Center in July 1986. Regular maintenance of the factory’s grounds continues today, and the factory is surrounded by lush greenery.