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Our Future, the New Headquarters Factory Completed

With the completion of the Futami Factory, designs began for a simultaneous two-axis numerical control special press that would increase production capacity and productivity, and utilize the space freed at headquarters after equipment was moved to the new factory. Plans to rebuild headquarters to accommodate this new machine began in 1988.

The exterior of the new company building on completion

From its inception, the new press was expected to be considerably heavy and large, so it was obvious that it would bulky and needed to be absolutely stable.

The location of Nunobiki Manufacturing’s headquarters in Higashinada Ward, Kobe, was discovered to have long ago been the sea; hence, the ground was not solid. Therefore, it became necessary to include a specially reinforced foundation in the designs for the new headquarters factory.

The interior of the new company building on completion

At the time, a three-story, steel-framed structure was considered. But the plans were changed to a four-story factory to secure space that could be used to take on new projects. A steel-framed structure was insufficient for Nunobiki Manufacturing’s ambitions, so the designs were redrawn to include a sturdy floor structure specifically for machinery, taking into consideration the installation of new machinery in the future.

At the time, no one imagined that this would later save Nunobiki Manufacturing when the Great Hanshin Earthquake unexpectedly hit.