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A Press that Hides Infinite Potential

Press designed in-house

The 1,250mm x 3,000mm, simultaneous two-axis numerical control special press, which was designed in-house, was installed in 1989 to coincide with the completion of the new headquarters. This machine made it possible to manufacture special screens using a feeding method. It was designed to freely combine hole shape, pitch and direction according to the customers’ needs – enabling different shaped holes with a differing pitch to be punched on one screen. For example, it became possible to produce a special screen with both round and raised holes. Essentially, Nunobiki Manufacturing could now offer customers a wider variety of products by adjusting the open area ratio and the pressure loss.

However, the first special screens had problems as products: the punched holes did not have uniform openings, and the screens’ pressure loss was irregular. So, to overcome these problems, the R&D staff developed a pressure gauge to measure the volume of air passing through the screens. With data gathered with the gauge, Nunobiki Manufacturing established its technology for producing special screens for specified precision.

Screen with multidirectional holes

Also, this technology pushed perforated screens for air conveyers up to a higher level, where our clients recognized them as end products. The screens allowed factories to use air conveyors to convey products not just linearly but also smoothly around corners by the adjusting air pressure through various combinations of hole shapes and directions. Air pressure would not damage products and even speed up the conveying process. Conveyor manufacturers welcomed this convenient technology, and Nunobiki Manufacturing was flooded with orders.

The screens made using this technology are still used today in fluidized bed dryers, flow tanks, fuel cells, and other devices and machines.