The following is a list of terms used in the industry.

Perforated Screen

Also called punching screen (punching metal). Mainly refers to metal sheets punched by a press with holes arranged at regular intervals.

Mesh( □”)

Unit used to refer to the number of holes per square inch,
calculated as follows.

1 inch = 25.4mm1 sq. inch = 645.16mm²
645.16 ÷ Hole center ÷ Hole interval = ( )mesh(□”)
60°StaggeredHole interval = Hole center x 0.866
30°StaggeredHole interval = Hole center x 0.29
45°StaggeredHole interval = Hole center x 0.5

"Mesh" is also used to refer to the mesh of woven wire.
In this case, it is used to refer to the number of apertures within an inch.

Open Area

Ratio of open area within the sheet area,
calculated as follows.

Area of 1 hole×100=( )%
Hole center x Hole interval

Hole Pattern

Indicates the pattern of the holes punched. The following illustration shows the main patterns used.

Hole patterns

Hole patterns

Perforated Patterns

Perforated Patterns