General Screens

What is the minimum order for screens? Do you accept orders for small lots?
We accept orders from 1 sheet.
What materials can be perforated?
Mainly stainless steel, but we can also perforate iron and aluminum.
Please inquire regarding other materials.
What sized products can you process?
The width depends on the shape of the holes and dimensions, but a maximum of 1200w.
Regarding length, we can process coiled metal.
Can you handle edge treatment around the product?
Yes, please inquire for details.
Do you have a designated agent we must deal through?
No, you can deal with us directly.
Please contact us for details.
Can you deliver orders direct to the end-customer?
Yes, depending on the style of packing. Please refer to the Incoterms rules.
Can you shape the punched sheets?
Yes, we can handle R bending, cylindrical welding, cone shaping, and other fabrication.
Please contact us for details.
Do you have perforated sheets in stock? What is the minimum lot sold?
Yes, please refer to our standard stock list. The minimum retail lots are
 1m x 2m sheets: from 1 sheet
 Coils: cut 1m and over